Get Rid of Pigeons

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Pigeon control is a specialty within the field of pest control. Realty Pest Services is experienced in pigeon control. Pigeons can spread disease to humans and animals, usually through bird droppings. If you have an ongoing issue with pigeons on your property, give Realty Pest Services a call.

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Free Estimates!

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Realty Pest Services offers affordable, honest and dependable residential and commercial pest control for all areas of the Las Vegas Valley. Fill out either the Homeowner Inspection or Termite Inspection form for a Free estimate, or simply call Realty Pest Services at (702) 433-9765.

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Training & Eduction

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We have educational programs for Property Managers and Homeowners Associations on subjects such as Pest Control, Termite Inspections and Nuisance Pigeon Management. We would be happy to attend a meeting for your company or association. Call for more details. (702) 433-9765

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